Organize For Baby

Where will it all go?

Lets face it, bringing a baby home is so much more than finding room for your tiny bundle of joy.

Babies come with STUFF, a lot of STUFF.

There are boxes of diapers, bouncy seats, travel cribs, mounds of tiny clothes and bottles…

so many bottles…

Do you want to re-purpose some areas throughout your home to make them functional for baby?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, wondering how on earth to make space for your new addition?

Are you a new mom who needs helpful solutions for the over-abundance of baby items throughout your home?

The New Parent Package consists of 6 hours of making room for baby! We fold, categorize baby essentials, organize closets, re-purpose kitchen cabinet space and turn rooms into picture perfect nurseries.

The New Parent Package is a great gift idea. You'll be the hit of the baby shower with this unique and thoughtful gift!